Coming Soon

Here’s a little snippet from Book Two of my Friends and Enemies Series due out in August.  This book doesn’t have a name yet, but it will very soon!

“Where is Jack?” Juliet demanded, staring straight at Cooper.

Cooper, who was holding a drink in one hand and has his arm wrapped around some woman with the other, grinned at her, “No idea.”

“Yes, you do,” She snapped, “Tell me.”

“Juliet,” He drawled and she remembered all the reasons why she hated him, “I don’t have to obey you. I saw through you the first time we met. You know that.”

She did. Cooper had always been a pain, constantly telling Jack that she was cheating on him and using him for his money. She had been, of course, but having Cooper worm his way into Jack’s brain had been a never ending battle. Juliet narrowed her eyes at him as he turned around to walk off to dance with the girl he was with. Rage was filling her. How was everything slipping out of her hands?

Juliet knew that Jack must be looking for Mandy. There was no other place he would be. She regretted sending Elizabeth away now. She could have used another set of eyes on the place. Suddenly Jack emerged from the balcony, holding a drink in one hand. He looked relaxed – serene almost – which made Juliet tense up. She moved towards him, hoping that she looked calm as well, and content to see her future husband.

Juliet got to him and wrapped her arm around his and through her smile she whispered, “Where the hell were you?”

“Enjoying our beautiful party, Juliet. You should relax. You’ll get wrinkles and soon you won’t be able to afford Botox.” He smiled back at her.

Juliet felt as if her legs were going to buckle. She had never been insulted from Jack before. Wildly, she pulled away from him, walking away blindly to the balcony, overlooking the pool.

Her future was cracking and sliding through her fingers like sand and Juliet wasn’t sure how to fix it.


Disclaimer - This is a work in process and this excerpt might change in editing.